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    “In Residence” is a creative working environment initiated by composer, multi-instrumentalist and curator Lester St. Louis (b. 1993, USA) and transformed, together with six international artists* from different disciplines, into a fluid space of experience whose primary mode of production and interaction is improvisation. St. Louis’s artistic practice is characterized by the exploration and saturation of improvisational modes of composition across various media in a variety of solo and group dynamic processes in order to design creative systems of relationships at the margins of that which is conventionally negotiated as authorship, work character, or authentic expression, and whose poetics liquefy these conventions in an artful-virtuosic and/or playful-banal manner.

    St. Louis is an autodidact who began playing music only at the age of 14. An important figure in New York’s experimental improvisation scene, his artistic work crosses disciplinary boundaries and develops formats in which improvisation is articulated as a basic prerequisite and mode of creative sociality. Collaboration appears in this not only as the interconnection of different creative energies, but is rather a means of transport for artistic processes, which thereby continually re-concretize their own format.

    “In Residence” is a kind of fluid space that is kept in motion by Lester St. Louis and six international artists over many hours, and whose perception is constantly changing as a result: from participatory, to immersive, from meditative, to discursive… with music, sound, texts, videos, dance, movement, lectures, conversations, comfort, discomfort, food, drink, light, space. “We work to hold and make space with each other.”

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    St Egidien Church
    Egidienplatz 12
    90403 Nürnberg

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  • Participating Artists
  • Lester St. Louis

    and guests: Nikima Jagudajev, Emeka Okereke, Vanessa Sindihebura, Louise Trueheart, Chris Williams.

    With invaluable support by Thomas Zeitler, priest for Art and Culture at St. Egidien Nuremberg.

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